All in One Charity

The organisation provides legal consultations , workshops, conferences and courses in the English language.

Who We Are

We take special care of you every day!
Our foundation is designed for all immigrants abroad!

Founded at the end of 2020 through a private donation, the foundation has a key mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the emigrant society abroad and to promote European integration. Through its programs, the foundation aims to create conditions and impetus for the formation of an informed civil position abroad on topics of cultural and universal importance. The main focus of the foundation’s work is its influence on culture, art and integration. In the implementation of its activities “All in One Charity” strives for maximum social efficiency.


All in One Charity


The All-In-One Charity operates in accordance with all UK law and in accordance with the highest ethical principles.

The members of the team are obliged to behave in an ethical and professional manner.

The members of the All-In-One Charity team respect the confidentiality of the information to which they have access.

In all matters concerning the Charity, members shall avoid both conflicts of interest and misconduct.

All information disseminated by the All In One Charity is always complete, accurate and comprehensive.

We strive to establish a lasting partnership and cooperation with donors and organizations, because we believe that joint efforts are the key to achieving the goals of the foundation.



— Our Mission

The team of the All in One Charity has extensive experience in the fields of business, finance, healthcare, media and legal activities abroad. Each member is an exceptional professional in his field, but also has a big heart that is always ready to help.


— Our Vision


The All-In-One Charity operates in accordance with all UK law, the laws of the countries from which it receives donations, as well as the Foundation’s internal rules and regulations and in accordance with the highest ethical principles of work.

— Our Story

It is important for us to remain true to ourselves and to all those who support the work of the All In One Charity. The needs of the local level will be taken into account to ensure that the initiatives we support have met the needs in the areas we have chosen.

All in One Charity helps everyone